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2024 Apparel and Merchandise


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2 Dec 2018
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Hey guys,

Just thought in 2024 so everything on this topic stays in the one place, I'd make a complete apparel/merchandise thread to discuss all things related to that.

This can include anything from new jerseys and training gear the club releases, to the casual wear on the club's website. So, from now on, any new jerseys that are released, post them in here.

Anyways, our 2024 home and away jerseys have been leaked. They are just a leak, but I'd say they're certainly legit. It appears that way.


As you'll notice there's a few changes there. In fact, this is probably the most changes we've had to our regular strip in a number of years. But holy hecka, they look absolutely beautiful, and I am in awe. Honestly, I'm gonna come out and say these are the nicest jerseys we've had in the modern era. As many of you know, I'm a real jersey nerd and straight up, these are THAT good!!

It's basically a perfect modern day Souths jersey. One of the biggest changes is that for what seems like the first time in forever, the side panels that so many people complained about are gone! The hoops now go all the way around! How good! On the hoops, they've changed a bit too. There is one less stripe on the 2024 jerseys than in previous years and they're thicker. This is more in line with a traditional Souths jersey which I love. Other changes include the MG logo on the home jersey changing to black which I've called for since MG signed with us because it just looks so much crisper and nicer. Ingenia Holiday Parks also becomes the new sleeve sponsor, and it appears that Crown Resorts are gone.

I'm ignoring the shade of Red and Green on these 3D renders for now. Really hoping it's just the render and they haven't actually changed to a lighter shade of green, but time will tell. Surely, they'll just use the same shade they have for years.

In summary, I just absolutely love them! As I said, they're perfect modern-day Souths jerseys and the nicest we've had in years.

I don't think it's any coincidence that some of these changes were implemented the year after the Sattler jersey. People loved that jersey because it was more old school and I have no doubt it would have been one of the highest selling Rabbitohs jerseys for a long time. The people spoke with their money and the club has somewhat listened by making some of these changes.

Beauty!!!!! What does everyone else think?
Would it kill the club to mix it up a bit !!’
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Would it kill the club to mix it up a bit !!’
Why? I like that they keep it traditional. We're a traditional club, keep it that way.

I know I'm in the minority, but I like what they with the away jersey because it allows us to keep those traditional Red and Green stripes. 'Mixing it up' can be kept for special jerseys.

And they have changed it a little bit this year. Subtle changes I know, but they're classy changes.
I’m disappointed that the club has persisted with red and green and not reverted to our true colours - cardinal and myrtle.
I loved the 1960’s colours.
These days the brighter the better for TV!
I like cardinal and myrtle much better….
LMAO I love Callmack passion. It wouldn’t be a pre season without a passionate in depth analysis and a bit of OCD of his take on our jersey for next season ahahahahaha.

I really like the look of it. Dad turns 60 at end of next February I will be getting him one.

Closer to it his Birthday I’m gonna try organise through the club a short video message thingy from one of our players to surprise Dad. Hopefully I can get that organised. Dad has gone for Souths for over 50 years and be a member since 2002.
Hmmm, I have reservations.

Firstly let's hope that shade of green is not accurate, it's really horrible, reminds me of a wrapper from a Christmas lolly.

Being honest stripes only is a pretty boring design, not a lot you can do with it, which is why I personally like the side panels as it gives the jumper a more contemporary look.

I certainly won't be buying one, I already have multiple jerseys that look essentially the same.
Callmack1 is the most unreliable reviewer of Rabbitoh merchandise, ever. He loves everything!
Hahaha I guess there is some truth to that statement, I'm pretty biased ahaha.

But honestly, I do generally really like most of the stuff that the club puts out. Like, how can you not love those jerseys? It's literally what fans have been crying out for for years now!

I wouldn't say I absolutely love everything. Like, I don't love the 2024 striped training top. However, I don't think it's bad and it will most likely grow on me.
Absolutely loving the traditional look for the home and away. Been crying out for the removal of side panels for years.

Only thing I hope we do is bring in an alternate or heritage kit this year. Mix things up a bit, bring in the saddle or minties jersey, or better yet a completely new design to wear maybe once or twice.

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