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RIP John Sattler

Holy hecka that is a beautiful jersey! So special.

I will certainly be buying one and it will forever be one of the most special in my collection.

Well done Souths.

Is this officially confirmed and released yet?
These will be mighty popular if they make enough to sell them
I'm not sure they'll be allowed to as a retail. When Tommy Raudonikis passed away Wests Tigers weren't able to sell the special Magpies replicas they wore for licensing reasons (the NRL control retail Jersey sales).

I think it's a fantastic move by the club - when you look at players who define not only an era but part of the club legacy and psyche, Satts definitely deserves it.

I'm just hoping our boys do that legacy justice this weekend.
I'd buy one for sure. If not for sale publicly then they'll probably be sold as auction items?
It doesn't look like the jerseys will be for sale :(
The question is : Who's going to channel Satt's aggression for this one ? I'd love to see all of them fired up , but Tom in particular needs to destroy these Manly forwards.
It doesn't look like the jerseys will be for sale :(
I doubt they'll be able to organise replicas that quicky - player issues are 1 thing but it's a whole other thing making retails (different materials, etc.). Souths may release a version later in the season depending on demand or possibly even carry it forward as a heritage in future seasons. I assume we'll have an ANZAC and Indigenous strip to come, so not sure how that would work with licensing.

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