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Bunnies TV

I hope it doesn't fall apart. Mavo has really good interviews with JD and gets lots of information the fans want to know about (injuries etc).
They have a lot of good interviews with players, both lower grades and 1st graders.
Their streams of the lower grades are much appreciated too.
I know these guys from work and must be hard devoting the time to do it with shift work and families also.
That’s sad that this has happened. They have all out so much hard work into it. Will be interesting to see what Mavo does from here.

Hopefully he will be able to keep it going. Going to be hard for him.
I guess the difference between BunniesTV and all other club equivalents is they are out and about filming games and training etc which would be a lot of work and effort particularly when its not your fulltime job or giving you any income. All the other clubs are just podcasts reviewing games etc
Yes I have noticed that Mavo has been going it solo for a number of weeks now.

No idea what has happened. The comments mentioning legal, could it be that Chaps and Browny are being sued? Or is it a falling out between the three of them with how money is distributed?

If it does fall apart, I will miss this. Good for a listen on the way home from work.
Oh man this is terribly, terribly sad. I'm actually pretty gutted to hear this, not gonna lie. I've noticed that Mavo has been going solo for a number of weeks now but I thought it was maybe just because Chaps and Browny were busy with other life stuff. But to have it confirmed they've actually stood down is heartbreaking for us Bunnies fans.

Mavo does and absolutely incredible job but it's just not the same without the other two. In terms of the recap videos and stuff, I guess it's hard to do that sort of stuff on your own and it shows with Mavo unfortunately. Better to have multiple people having a discussion.

Mentioning legal stuff doesn't sound good at all, maybe there's been a fall out or something. I really hope not.

Man, I hope BunniesTV can continue. No other club has what we have because of the work that Mavo and the boys do.

Very sad.
Mr rent-a-quote scumbag baggage handler made some less than cryptic posts about these guys only a couple of weeks ago.

A shit stain on our club.

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