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NRL Grid

On each square of the grid you need to name the player that fits the grid e.g in todays one the top right spot is a Penrith player that debuted between 2005- 2010. The aim is to get the lowest score in each box, so try and select the more obscure player. If you get it wrong you score 100 pts
🏉 NRL Grid #28 🏉

🦄 | 🧙 | 🧠
🧠 | 🧠 | 🧙
🧙 | 🦄 | 🧙

🎯 My Score 9.5
Yeah. I suck at this game, but I wholeheartedly endorse.
I too suck at this game

I got 619 for today’s 😂
Found todays one pretty easy.
Not a great score of 37.9, but atleast i could finish it

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